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Father's Day Large Chocolate Bag with Personalised Bubble Balloon

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All your Favourite Darrell Lea Chocs in one place with a personalised Bubble off the top! This can be used for Birthday's, Anniversaries, Father's Day, Mother's Day, or Even Valentine's Day. We just alter the colours to match the occasion. 

This Gift Bag includes

  • 1x Darrell Lea Chewy Raspberry Balls
  • 1x Darrell Lea Mega Minty Moments
  • 1x Darrell Lea Milk Choc Liquorice Bullets
  • 1x Darrell Lea The Big Orange Balls
  • 1x Darrell Lea Rocklea Road Block
  • 1x Darrell Lea Milk Hockeycomb
  • 1x Darrell Lea Dark Chocolate Liquorice Block
  • 1x Darrell Lea Caramel Block
  • All packaged up with a handwritten gift card. 

* Please note some items may alter slightly due to availability.

This Bouquet is available for Local Delivery only as inflated balloons don’t travel well with Couriers.