About Us

Located on the beautiful Fraser Coast, in Hervey Bay, Sweet Balloons is locally owned and operated by Me - Stacey, here's my story. 

I was born and bred here, lived here my whole life (all 33 years) so I figure I can call myself a local now. 

Sweet Balloons started out as a pipe dream, but it was my pipe dream. One that I had had since we closed our party shop front (A Stylish Celebration) in 2015 and took it online. I have always loved giving gifts for Birthdays, Christmas, Weddings, Engagements, Baby Showers. I love looking for that perfect gift, or finding all the pieces that will mean something special to the recipient and putting them together. Simply put I love to create joy for people, and I wanted to help others feel the same way I do every time someone opens one of my gifts - Joyful. 

So my goal was to help people create the perfect gift for their loved ones, but in 2015, I moved into a position where, using my skill at putting things together, I was creating dream holidays, and helping people make amazing memories. Then the pandemic hit and it gave me the opportunity to take back control, and do something I am incredibly passionate about.... I could finally put that pipe dream, that I have been nurturing and cultivating all this time, into action. 

I spent weeks looking for the perfect items for my hampers, but then I realised that I also missed working with the balloons. So I joined the two together and personalised balloons just add to the effect of giving the perfect gift. 

I still create room decor and balloon bouquets for parties, events and corporate functions/ retail outlets - you can have a look at some of these in the corporate gallery, but now I personalise the gifts you can give too.

Have a look through our website and Facebook for inspiration, links below 👇.

Have an idea in mind but need someone to make it come to life, send me a message with your ideas and let’s have a chat.

  • Phone: 0419 878 326
  • Email: info@sweetballoons.com.au 
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Cheers Stace